REX High Performance

Passenger Car Brackets -  $125

THUNDERBIRD Brackets - $150

Polishing Adder - $60

Shipping - $18


We believe these brackets to be the strongest and sharpest looking brackets ever made for the Y-Block engine. These brackets match our Finned Aluminum Valley Covers, THUNDERBIRD Air Filters, Aluminum Thermostat Housings and Fuel Logs.


The Alternator Bracket Kit comes complete with all the required bolts etc. (as shown). The alternator is not included.


The bracket set is designed for the Delco 1-wire alternator (also made by Powermaster and others). The 1 -wire alternator (commonly called the Chevy 1-wire) is the most common alternator used today because they are well made, rugged, inexpensive, commonly available and come in 65 and 100 amp sizes. Not only are the 1-wire alternators far superior to the old generators, but they eliminate the unreliable voltage regulator as well. You simply hook-up the 1 wire from the alternator and connect it to the battery.


The aluminum alternator brackets come with an 'as cast' finish. Polishing is available at additional cost.




Above photo -

Polished Finish


'As Cast' Finish