REX High Performance

REX HP Supercharger Kits feature the same manufacturing techniques used back in the 50s...traditional hand fabricated sand cast aluminum parts. So they are a perfect match to the rest of the parts on a 50s FORD.


The best part is that the assembly consists of modern high tech parts that eliminate the weaknesses in the original Paxton setup from back in '57. Gone are the slipping belts and low speed / low boost operation. The assembly has a toothed belt / non-slip drive belt coupled with the use of a look-alike modern supercharger to the original VS57.


This kit includes all the pulleys, bolts, fittings, crankshaft adapter, bonnet air hose, carb bonnet, clamps, toothed belt, brackets and K&N filter. This kit is available with or without the Paxton supercharger head. It uses a SN series head unit: SN60, 89, 92, 93 or 2000. Also available: high output / high volume 12 lbs. boost VR4 kits, dual Paxton kits, dual 4 barrel bonnets and carb pressurizing plates.


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