REX High Performance


Finally a finned aluminum valley cover that fits and works! This is the only finned valley cover that fits all intakes including the FORD dual quad intake. If you own a stock FORD dual quad intake, you already know that the the stock steel valley cover that goes with the intake is different from the rest. It has a large dish in it to clear the bottom of the intake. Our finned valley cover is the only one that has a dish designed  into it to clear the bottom of the intake


Our covers come with an aluminum oil filler tube. Also our covers have the edge reliefs cast into them to clear the edges of the intake ports on the heads...this means that you can bolt the cover on without removing a head...some of our competitors' products will not bolt-on without removing one head from the engine.


We also manufacture the THUNDERBIRD valley cover, which has the machined hole and baffle plate in the back for the factory road draft tube...see photos below.

Passenger Car Valley Cover - $225

THUNDERBIRD Valley Cover - $275

Polishing Adder - $50

Shipping - $25 


The finned aluminum valley cover comes with an 'as cast' finish. For an additional cost you can purchase the cover with the tips of the fins, script, oil filler tube and oil filler base polished as shown in the photos. We do not supply these covers 'painted'. The covers are shown painted for illustration purposes only.


T-Bird Cover

T-Bird Cover