REX High Performance

Thermostat Housing - $160           Polishing Adder - $80             Shipping - $18



The problem with the stock FORD thermostat housing is that it is a cast iron part and not very attractive...polished and chromed they look OK. Another problem with the Y-Block engine is that it is designed with the fuel pump located on the driver's side and the fuel inlet to the carb is located on the passenger side. This arrangement requires that you run a really long fuel line that has to cross-over the front of the engine to connect the pump to the carb...with lots of curves and bends in it.


Our aluminum housing has a fuel log cast into it to provide an attractive package that allows you to terminate the fuel line from the pump directly to the housing...thus providing a short and sturdy mounting point. The other side of the fuel log in the housing has the fuel outlet conveniently located in front of the carb on the passenger side. This allows you to use a short direct fuel line to the carb. 


You can dress-up the fuel log by installing a fuel pressure gauge that can be mounted horizontally on the end of the fuel log (see photo).


See also our matching Fuel Blocks that are companion parts. They connect the Fuel Log to the carb(s). Our Fuel Blocks also have a matching finned aluminum fuel filter option.